Chef Mike Desisto entered the culinary field as a young middle school student. With Italian family roots, his attraction to the comfort and connection that food delivers was something he was able to distinguish quickly and wanted to further develop. What began as a family responsibility instantly flourished into a love and undeniable passion, one that has carried him decades into his cooking career.

Chef Mike Desisto joined the 19TH GOLF AND GRILL after a very pronounced career with one of Boston’s Sicilian style restaurants recognized during his tenure on multiple occasions by the “Food Network.”

Chef Mike Desisto’s direct focus on executing dishes that balance quality and culturally blended flair is a talent quickly recognized as a gift. Chef Mike Desisto’s interest in the quality, and freshness of food had lent him a very clear focus to developing the menu for the 19TH GOLF AND GRILL Restaurant. Being able to begin a concept and carve a niche in the community parallel to one you might find in the “big city” has been a source of excitement for the Chef.

He has layered a variety of generously portioned tapas style small plates and appetizers with home cooked, hearty yet delicate comfort foods that are sure to appeal to locals and quickly become a unique destination all in the meal. Everything the Chef has created delivers innovation that is new to the area, and truly new to the Golf Simulator Play Industry.

Chef Mike Desisto prides himself on bringing a scratch kitchen to the 19th GOLF AND GRILL. There are no shortcuts in his kitchen. Quality, taste and time are elements to his successful pairings of variety and timeless favorites. It truly is a labor of love. Take for example the prime-cut pork shank braised for 4 hours in a signature sauce he has perfected, pays tribute to the Grill. Long awaited, never done, passion stemming from the bite, delivered to you, for a custom luxury dining experience without a hassle to park, and the golf course awaiting you regardless of the weather forecast.

While it may not be typical that a Chef is able to be truly inspirational, confident and humbled at the same time, Chef Mike Desisto is unlike any other…The talented Chef Mike Desisto brings the radical caliber uniqueness, passion, and skill that the Restaurant at the 19TH GOLF AND GRILL will etch in your taste buds.





350 East Main Street, Milford, MA 01757

Est. 2017